Company 会社概要Company 会社概要

Company ProfileCompany Profile

Company ProfileCompany Profile
  • Company name


  • Foundation

    July 29, 1985

  • President

    Akira Hotta

  • Capital

    30 million JPY ($273,000 USD as of Sep.1, 2021)

  • Stakeholder

    100% subsidiary of TV Asahi Corporation

  • Business

    Production Engineering & Technical Operations;

    • Studio Broadcasting (Live / Recording)
    • Outside Broadcasting (Live / Recording)
    • Recording on location
  • Head Office

    EX Tower 9th Floor, 1-2-9, Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo,
  • Number of employees

    210 (as of July.1, 2023)

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  • Major Clients

    TV Asahi Corporation
    TV Asahi Productions Co.,Ltd.
    Asahi Satellite Broadcasting Limited
    J SPORTS Corporation
    TELETECH Co.,Ltd
    Toei TV Production Co., Ltd.
    Media Mix Japan Co., Ltd.

Vision of the PresidentVision of the President

Vision of the PresidentVision of the President

Our company, TAKESYSTEMS, specializes in production engineering for broadcasting and streaming services.

Our greatest assets are:

  • Human Resources Staff
  • Collaborators

To produce all content genres like news, talk shows, music, dramas, sports and Japanese talk shows called “variety show”, staff of the technical and the management department work together hard day and night.
In the technical department, we have about 200 technical staff members such as camera operators, video mixers, sound engineers, video engineers, and sports graphics engineers.

For The Tokyo Olympic Games, we were responsible for international productions of football. Our technical capabilities were highly evaluated not only in Japan but also from overseas.
In order to aim for further heights, we are using 3 keywords: change, challenge, and communication, the 3Cs.
Our purpose is creating a positive and friendly work environment that values and develops human resources with high expertise.
Taking full advantage of human resources, we will continue to contribute to the development of the TV Asahi Group and the rest of the world.


Akira HottaAkira Hotta

Board Members

  • President

    Akira Hotta

  • Director

    Miwa Mukai

  • Director

    Hideki Katsuragawa

  • Director

    Masato Yokozeki

  • External Director (TV Asahi)

    Izumi Fukuda

  • External Director (TV Asahi)

    Hiroshi Oba

  • External Audit & Supervisory Board Member (TV Asahi)

    Akira Osada

Company HistoryCompany History

  • July 29, 1985

    TAKESYSTEMS Co., Ltd. was established as a production engineering company with the investment of Asahi National Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
    (currently TV Asahi Corporation), 
    TV Asahi Productions Co., Ltd and NiPPo Co., Ltd.

    TV Asahi moved the head office to the new broadcasting station called “ARK Broadcasting Center”.
    TAKESYSTEMS set up the head office in the former TV Asahi’s building and managed and operated three studios. 
    One of three studios was for recording TV programs, the other two studios were renovated as photographic studios.
    The company provided production engineering expertise for several studios’ live broadcasting and recording programs of TV Asahi.  
    Later, we started to manage one more studio, all together four studios.

  • December, 1999

    TAKESYSTEMS returned four studios to TV Asahi and withdrew from the studio management business.

    The head office was moved to Akasaka, Minato-ku.

  • October, 2000

    BS Asahi (Asahi Satellite Broadcasting Limited) started to broadcast in Harajuku. Managing equipment for BS Asahi and the set-up of the Harajuku branch office were started.

  • February, 2003

    The head office was moved to Shirokanedai.

  • June, 2004

    TV Asahi moved from “ARK Broadcasting Center” to the new Broadcasting Station in Roppongi.
    The head office of TAKESYSTEMS was moved to ARK Broadcasting Center.

    The company managed three studios in the ARK Broadcasting Center as "Take Studio ARK" and two studios in the Yotsuya Broadcasting Center as "Take Studio Yotsuya". 
    We improved our technical expertise by conducting personnel exchanges with the engineering & technical operations division of TV Asahi.

  • July 29, 2005

    TAKESYSTEMS’s 20th anniversary

  • April, 2008

    We returned the management and operation rights of ARK Broadcasting Center and Yotsuya Broadcasting Center to TV Asahi and dedicated to production engineering.

  • April, 2009

    We started to provide production engineering expertise for some outside broadcasting in addition to studio live broadcasting, dramas, and Japanese talk shows called “variety show”.

  • March, 2011

    TAKESYSTEMS became the 100% subsidiary of TV Asahi.
    The company started to transfer production engineering expertise from TV Asahi.
    We have been responsible for all the studio live broadcasting such as talk shows, music programs, news programs.
    Also, we have been providing production engineering expertise for all the studio recording and outside broadcasting that the engineering & technical operations division of TV Asahi did until then.

  • October, 2013

    The head office was moved to the EX Tower in Nishi-Azabu

  • July 29, 2015

    TAKESYSTEMS’s 30th anniversary

  • April, 2017

    To be a top-class comprehensive engineering company, we made an all-around service plan to cover the contents of terrestrial, BS, CS, web broadcasting and theater events.

  • July, 2019

    At the World Swimming Championships in Gwangju, Korea, 
    we provided production engineering expertise for swimming and diving as Host Broadcasters.

  • July, 2021

    At the Tokyo Olympic Games,
    we provided production engineering expertise for all football games held at Saitama Stadium for the Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS).